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Model: PAFO     UPC: 752356821999

Adjustable temperature control; 8 programs; 1700W of power; see-through design; includes air flow rack, drip tray, skewer, XL rotating mesh basket, rotisserie spit and recipe book

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$13 - $249.98
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Model: GTA2500     UPC: 641171521309

Adjustable temperature control; non-stick coating; turbo, bake, fry, defrost, roast and pizza making functions; includes rotisserie basket, tongs, kabob rack, bake pan, steam rack, low rack, high rack, crisp 'N' fry basket, mesh filter, high broil pan and low broil pan

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Model: D14522DZ     UPC: 044387145220

Adjustable temperature control; 3 lb food capacity; 1500W of power; dishwasher-safe removable parts; cool touch handle; includes lid with viewing window

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$43.99 - $139.69
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Model: RJ38-V2-65     UPC: 816458022408

Adjustable temperature control; 60-minute timer; 27.5-cup food capacity; 1700W of power; dishwasher-safe frying basket

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$97.99 - $127.49
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Model: RJ38-10-RDO-V2     UPC: 816458024112

Say hello to the Chefman Multi-Functional Air Fryer with Rotisserie and Dehydrator Function handles any cooking, baking, or air frying task, creating the crispy fried texture you love with little to no oil. 

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Model: 90107     UPC: 829486901072

Bella Pro Series 4.2-qt. Analog Air Fryer in Black Matte finish: Air Fry, broil, bake, roast, and reheat with little to no oil; large capacity of 3.6 lbs.

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Model: AFR-25     UPC: 086279147967

Adjustable temperature control; 60-minute timer; 2.5 lb food capacity; non-stick coating; see-through design; includes frying basket and baking/drip pan

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$60 - $149.96
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Model: CDF-200P1     UPC: 086279176219

An 1800-watt immersion-style heating element makes the heat-up and recovery time for the Cuisinart Deep Fryer fast and efficient.

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Model: FH1163/1.BK     UPC: 044387011631

Adjustable temperature control; 2.8 lb food capacity; 1600W of power; mechanical control; non-stick coating; dishwasher-safe removable parts; includes mixing paddle

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$99.99 - $235
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Model: D677UX     UPC: 044387866774

2.20 lb Food - White

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$54 - $138.59
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