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Model: JCR-370     UPC: 077283953736

FM receiver with digital PLL tuning; multicolor LED mood lamp; wake up to the radio or nature sounds; 0.7" LED display; high/low dimmer control; sleep and snooze modes; calendar function; USB port; auxiliary input

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Model: IBTW39GC     UPC: 047532914337

2 alarms; battery backup; bluetooth speaker; USB charging port; built-in wireless charging; built-in speakerphone; 4 alarm tones; audio caller ID; Reson8 technology

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Model: VC-100-MAH     UPC: 816203018960

USB port; light intensity dimmer

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Model: IBT232G     UPC: 047532912098

FM digital tuner; 2 alarms; backlit display; snooze function; USB x 2 and audio line-in ports; battery backup

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Model: VC-100-BLK     UPC: 816203018915

USB port; light intensity dimmer

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Model: HAR553800F022     UPC: 804879180463

SERENE INNOVATIONS VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock: Audio, vibrating and audio-and-vibrating alarms; 3 tone and volume levels; timer and flashlight functions; built-in temperature display; 12- and 24-hour clock modes; large screen; battery-powered

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Model: C353B     UPC: 047323353000

AM/FM digital tuner; 2 alarms; green backlit LED display; snooze function; sleep function; digital volume control; built-in speaker

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Model: IWBT5B     UPC: 047532916072

6 station presets; 2 alarms; backlit display; snooze function; sleep function; USB x 2 port; battery backup; answer/end button; echo cancellation; Voice Control; caller ID; Reson8 sound technology; PLL digital tuning; built-in Apple Watch charger

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Model: WAKE ASSURE     UPC: 759599006008

LCD alarm clock; bedshaker; lamp flasher; visual alarm indicator; security timer

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Model: ABQC02F     UPC: 812658014410

5 hours of music; backlit display; snooze function; headphones and USB (power only) ports; Bluetooth audio streaming; built-in Qi wireless battery charger

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