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Model: ME17R7021EB     UPC: 887276348612

1000W of power; digital controls; 10 power levels; auto cook; defrost; reheat; 2-stage programmable cooking; 11.5" turntable; 3-speed, up to 300 cfm ventilation system; charcoal/grease vent filter

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Model: BMO870BSS1BUC1     UPC: 021614802187

1400W of power; defrost, reheat, fish, bacon, popcorn, pizza, rice, chicken, meat, cake and butter/chocolate functions; 12.4" turntable

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Model: FFMV1645TW     UPC: 012505563713

1000W of power; electronic and touchpad controls; LED display; beverage; popcorn; Quick Start; melt; potato; auto reheat; weight defrost; sensor reheat; time defrost; staged cooking; grease (2 pcs) filter; 220 cfm fan; child security; 12.5" turntable

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Model: KMHP519ESS     UPC: 883049323862

1200W of power; 1600W convection; electronic controls; High-Speed Cooking technology; Crispwave technology and a crisper pan; 12 one-touch settings; 14" turntable with on/off control

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Model: WMH32519HW     UPC: 883049477381

1000W of power; electronic controls; digital display; defrost, steam, reheat, popcorn, keep warm, soften, melt, vegetables, potato and frozen entree functions; charcoal filter; 12" removable turntable

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$329.99 - $524.5
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Model: MG11H2020CT     UPC: 887276045917

1000W of power; electronic controls; 10 power levels; 2-stage cooking, preheat, auto cook and auto defrost modes; turntable

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$89.99 - $189.99
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Model: LMC1575ST     UPC: 048232337228

1250W of power; touch sensitive controls; 4 defrost and 7 sensor cook functions; 14.2" turntable; child security

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$135.15 - $276.86
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Model: WMH53521HW     UPC: 883049444406

1000W of power; touch sensitive controls; LCD display; defrost; steam; reheat; beverage; popcorn; keep warm; pizza; sensor cook technology; melt; potato; dinner; fresh entree; frozen entree; charcoal filter; 14" turntable

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Model: WMC50522HB     UPC: 883049458410

1200W of power; electronic controls; LED display; 6 sensor cook functions; 16.6" turntable; control lock

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$299.99 - $565.74
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Model: SMC1452CH     UPC: 074000620209

LED display; beverage; popcorn; sensor cook technology; express cook; AUTO defrost; 12.4" turntable

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$109.99 - $187.24
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