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Model: 09DPK8     UPC: 713034046790

Direct-connect engineering; twisted-pair technology; hyper-flex cable

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Model: SPXRZR4242     UPC: 609098827225

Designed for off-road vehicles; pre-cut and loomed power/ground and speaker wire harnesses; comes with 150-amp MIDI fuse; pre-terminated wiring

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Model: PK4     UPC: 713034064961

Compatible with most aftermarket amplifiers; provides the wiring and hardware needed to power an in-vehicle amplifier; silver-tinned, oxygen-free copper wires

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Model: ACC-NAV3     UPC: 627780003283

Compatible with most Honda vehicles

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Model: HRN-AR-EXT4     UPC: 627780001968

Compatible with most Chrysler, Dodge, Ford and Jeep vehicles; easy connection; allows you to install an aftermarket car stereo in your vehicle's dash

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Model: HRN-AR-VW1     UPC: 627780003436

Plug and Play Amplifier T-Harness for Select Volkswagon Vehicles

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Model: HRN-AR-CH2     UPC: 627780001456

Compatible with select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles; for installing the Maestro AR or DSR1; copper wires and plastic plugs

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Model: TC5KIT-4     UPC: 086429257980

Compatible with most vehicles; connects an amplifier to your vehicle's batteries, head unit and speakers; conforms to the American Wire Gauge (AWG) requirements

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