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Model: SPIRESTUDION     UPC: 860000317009

Pro-quality recording; record wirelessly; Wi-Fi connectivity; built-in microphone; battery-powered; app-compatible

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Model: WA273     UPC: 860191002104

Class A, '73-style British microphone preamplifier; 80dB of gain; 48V phantom power; high-pass filter; XLR microphone input, line level TRS input; direct-in, instrument input; XLR and TRS line level outputs

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Model: EFFJS10     UPC: 761294501276

12W power; 2.1-channel sound system; 2 inputs for music instruments; custom DSP chip; COSM amplifiers; built-in sound effects; over 350 preloaded audio loops; portable design

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$399.99 - $525.42
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Model: H5     UPC: 884354013196

Secure Digital card slot; stereo and multitrack modes; auto record, prerecord and backup-record functions; backlit LCD; USB 2.0 connectivity; up to 15 hours of battery life with included AA batteries

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$230.96 - $399.99
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Model: DVT2110     UPC: 855971006434

Voice-activated; 8GB internal memory; up to 2,147 hours of recording in LP mode; pre-recording mode; bookmark function; 2" color LCD display; USB connectivity; up to 36 hours battery life

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$98.99 - $99.99
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Model: F1-LP     UPC: 884354018719

Compatible with most Zoom microphone capsules; one-touch controls; monochromatic LCD display; 3.5mm stereo mic/line in and Zoom mic capsule inputs; 3.5mm stereo and micro USB outputs; supports WAV and MP3 recording formats; supports microSD card up to 32GB; low-profile design

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Model: H2N     UPC: 884354010065

2 GB Secure Digital (SD) Card - LCD - Portable

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Model: WA12 MKII     UPC: 638142859301

Premium-grade input and output CineMag USA transformers; 71dB of gain; balanced XLR mic input; XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced outputs; 48V phantom power; LED meter gain indication

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Model: H6     UPC: 884354012175

Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC card slot; supports 6-track simultaneous recording; auto, back-up and prerecord functions; 2" color LCD display; USB 2.0 port; up to 20 hours of operation

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$299.99 - $644.33
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Model: AK-DR11GMKII     UPC: 043774032679

Compatible with select TASCAM DR-series handheld recorders; handgrip, furry windscreen, power adapter, attenuator cable, splitter cable, and portable soft case included

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