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A/V Surge Protectors & Power

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Model: NS-HW307     UPC: 600603212598

Compatible with most household appliances and electronics; 3 standard 3-prong outlets; 4' length; space-saving design

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Model: G5BLK     UPC: 731304263920

Sequenced turn on/off; protects from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances; multiple mounting methods; dataline surge protection

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$149.99 - $211.73
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Model: RF-HTS1119     UPC: 600603252709

540 joules of protection; 1 surge-protected outlet

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Model: P360-8     UPC: 050616009997

1620 joules of protection; 8 outlets; 4 USB charging ports; coaxial and telco protection; SmartGuard active over- and under-voltage monitoring; switchable circle-of-protection indication; 2 detachable USB modules

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$88.5 - $89.98
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Model: NS-HW401B     UPC: 600603212550

Compatible with most household appliances and electronics; 3-prong connector; sleek design; 1' length

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Model: MR4000     UPC: 050616008921

1350 joules of protection; 8 surge-protected outlets; antenna, cable or satellite and LAN line signal protection; Protect or Disconnect technology; Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) circuitry

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$219 - $229.98
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Model: RF-HTS1415     UPC: 600603185748

Only @ Best Buy 1800 joules of protection; 4 surge-protected outlets; 2 USB ports; indicator lights

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$29.99 - $62.95
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Model: POWERSTRIP PS15     UPC: 809164007753

9 outlets; 3-point surge protection; rackmount design

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Model: NS-PWRD2C6     UPC: 600603264146

With the Insignia 2-Outlet/3-USB Desktop Power Strip, you can have power to power right at your fingertips. The power strip has two AC outlets, two USB-A ports and a USB-C port in a unique upright design that allows better outlet access. Its 6 ft. cord lets you position devices right where they’re needed.

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Model: 36065     UPC: 030878360654

450-joule rating; 2 surge-protected outlets; 2 USB charging ports; charging shelf

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