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Model: CL-300     UPC: 794504456608

JEAN PAUL Student Clarinet: Key of B flat; nickel-plated keys; Boehm 17-key system; cylindrical bore

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$100 - $1350
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Model: AS-400     UPC: 794504456905

JEAN PAUL Student Alto Saxophone: Key of E flat; power-forged, tapered-pivot brass keys; bell brace

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$425 - $1700
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Model: TR-430     UPC: 794504457308

The rose brass lead pipe construction; Adjustable third trigger; Natural hand position; Proper playing technique; Highly durable piston valves; Robust carrying case

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$329.95 - $349.99
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Model: TS-400     UPC: 806802177021

Even key action and placement; Yellow brass body construction; Power forged keys; Strong bell brace; Tapered pivot keys; Robust contoured carrying case

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$575 - $856.91
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Model: HAR560G     UPC: 400912662721

Injection moulded plastic comb with projecting mouthpiece; Recessed 0.9 mm brass reed plates mounted with screws; Stainless steel covers with closed sides

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