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Model: NS3CX     UPC: 033317203956

Color display; 16MB memory; interactive geometry capabilities; calculator, graphing, geometry, list, spreadsheet, notes and vernier dataquest functions; touchpad navigation

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$49.99 - $296.99
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Model: TI-83+     UPC: 033317198658

24KB RAM, 160KB flash ROM; graphical analysis; advanced statistics, regression analysis; graph-table split screen; 8-line x 16-character display

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$12.5 - $149
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Model: NSCX2     UPC: 033317208470

3.2" LCD screen; 64MB RAM and 90MB storage memory; multiple graphing and probability distribution functions; advanced statistics analysis; interactive geometry; Chem Box; quick alpha keys; simple drop-down menus; .tns file and image support; multiple representations; USB port

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$79 - $260
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