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Model: V311080BU000     UPC: 050332191112

Compatible with most Olympus OM-D and PEN cameras; fast f/1.2 aperture; 62mm filter size; 1 ft. minimum focusing distance; 0.11x maximum magnification ratio

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Model: SEL2470Z     UPC: 027242868182

Compatible with most Sony a7-series full-frame cameras with an E-mount; Carl Zeiss T-star coating; 67mm filter; 1.3' minimum focus distance; 0.2x magnification

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$699.99 - $898
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Model: 9523B002     UPC: 013803240818

Compatible with most Canon interchangeable-lens cameras; BR (Blue Spectrum Refractive) Optics; 2 aspheric lenses; UD lens; SWC (subwavelength coating); fluorine coating; 72mm filter size

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$1439.2 - $1799
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Model: 2151     UPC: 018208021512

Compatible with most Nikon NIKKOR FX and DX lenses; 1.7x optical conversion factor; Nikon IC (Integrated Coating); AF-S Silent Wave Motor

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Model: AFA007C700     UPC: 725211007012

Compatible with select Canon EOS DSLR cameras with Canon EF lens mount; VC (Vibration Compensation) technology; XR (Extra Refractive Index) lenses; 82mm filter size

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Model: 204205     UPC: 085126204624

Designed for select Sony DSLR cameras; FLD and SLD glass; 11" minimum focusing distance; 1:6.4 maximum magnification; f/22 minimum aperture

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Model: 6473A003     UPC: 082966214073

f/4 to 5.6

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$199.99 - $249
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Model: SEL50F18F     UPC: 027242898653

Compatible with most Sony Alpha cameras with an E-mount; 49mm filter size; 1.5' minimum focus distance; up to 0.14x magnification

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Model: AFF012C700     UPC: 725211012016

Compatible with 35mm SLRs, digital SLRs and camcorders; optical image stabilization; floating system, LD glass, utrasonic silent drive (USD); 67mm filter size; 7.9" minimum focus distance; up to 1/2.5x magnification

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Model: 20055     UPC: 018208200559

Compatible with most Nikon cameras with an F-mount; 4-stop VR image stabilization; 72mm filter size; 1.15' minimum focus distance

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$609.95 - $1069.99
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