Cell Phone Care & Cleaning

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Model: 53463BBR     UPC: 837296000021

For use on most smartphone and electronic screens; solution for eliminating dust, dirt, smudges, skin oils and fingerprints; alcohol- and ammonia-free; 1-oz. screen cleaner; microfiber cloth included

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Model: GCC-A1-8R7     UPC: 094664043305

Compatible with USB, micro USB, Lightning and other cables; cord ID and protection functions; TPE material; 8-pack

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Model: 53399BBR     UPC: 031262096562

Compatible with most modern smartphones; keeps your phone free of germs and bacteria; two sanitizing UV-C LEDs; pop-up design; 70 sanitizing cycles per charge; 30 seconds per side; multicolor LED indicator; 3-pack

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