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Model: SAD14     UPC: 636980410524

BOWER 6-In-1 Digital Camera Cleaning Kit: Compatible with most DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders; includes self-adhesive screen protector, microfiber cleaning cloth, screen-cleaning solution spray, blower brush, cotton swabs and lens tissue

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Model: PT-MFC1221     UPC: 600603257827

Designed for use with lenses and LCDs; microfiber material; 10" x 12" size

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Model: NOZLCDKIT     UPC: 086844757003

6-oz. anti-static gel; anti-static pop-up wipes 70-pack; alcohol and ammonia free; soft microfiber cloth

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Model: NS-DCLNKIT-A     UPC: 600603238161

Compatible with most digital cameras and camcorders; helps remove dust, fingerprints and smudges; includes lens cleaning pen, dust blower, lens cleaning tissues, solution and a cloth

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Model: LENMCP1     UPC: 776293007001

Designed for cleaning the micro camera lenses; non-liquid carbon cleaning compound; specially designed tip; retractable dust-removal brush

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Model: NLP-1CUP     UPC: 090729611700

Designed for use with most camera, camcorder and optical lenses; liquid-free carbon cleaning formula; environmentally friendly and nontoxic

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Model: LENSK1A     UPC: 776293031006

Designed for cleaning the CCD and CMOS sensors; articulating head with cleaning tip; non-liquid carbon cleaning compound

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Model: PT-MFC821     UPC: 600603257810

Designed for use with lenses and LCDs; microfiber material; 8" x 8" size

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