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Model: CT-9010001-WW     UPC: 843591074506

Zinc oxide thermal material; ultralow thermal impedance; high-efficiency heat transfer; no drying, cracking or thermal degradation; easy to apply

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Model: EFE14712     UPC: 810598014712

Suitable for use on small screens, electronic devices and game controllers; alcohol and ammonia free; includes 42 wipes

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Model: IF145-364-1     UPC: 856235006276

iFixit Prying and Opening Tool Assortment: spudger tool; Halberd Spudger tool; iFixit opening tool; 2 plastic cards, set of 6 opening picks

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Model: HTK002U1     UPC: 870423002789

Compatible with CPUs and GPUs; 4.5W/(m·K) thermal conductivity; low bleed and high-temperature stability; Zif socket templates

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Model: IF145-299-4     UPC: 856235006283

4mm aluminum bit driver; 4mm screwdriver bits; 150mm flex extension; easy-to-open magnetized case; lid with built-in sorting tray

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Model: NS-PCYTK8     UPC: 600603220043

Everything you need to build or fix a computer; includes 10-bit screwdriver set, LED flashlight with precision screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, 9-piece hex/Allen key set and more; antistatic wrist strap; zippered carrying case

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Model: NS-PCYAW80     UPC: 600603174407

Suitable for use on laptops and most monitors; alcohol-free; antistatic; includes 80 wipes

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Model: 86844757133     UPC: 086844757133

Excellent for cleaning computers, keyboards, telephones, cell phones and more; nonabrasive; alcohol- and ammonia-free; dispenses one wipe at a time; includes 70 wipes per pack; pack of three

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Model: NS-PSCD5S     UPC: 600603266522

Designed to clean smartphones, TVs, tablets laptops, and other electronics; 70% isopropyl alcohol formula; for removing dust, dirt, and grease from electronics and peripherals; antimicrobial microfiber cloth

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Model: 687218NML     UPC: 099895000431

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