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Model: RJ07-M-SS     UPC: 816458020084

Adjustable temperature control; 4.2-cup food capacity; 1.1-quart oil capacity; 1000W of power; non-stick coating

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Model: BDF500XL     UPC: 021614055385

7 settings; 4-quart capacity; digital timer; mesh filter; stainless-steel construction; dishwasher-safe frying basket and cooking bowl; automatic shutoff; removable power cord

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Model: EDF-4080     UPC: 717056118138

Adjustable thermostat control up to 375°; 2 frying containers; fully immersible heating elements; indicator lights; cool-touch handles; detachable cord; dishwasher-safe parts; stainless-steel body

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Model: 03-1100-W     UPC: 812830021106

Adjustable temperature control; 30-minute timer; 8-cup food capacity; dishwasher-safe base and oil pot

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Model: FT 44466 BK     UPC: 848052005167

Adjustable temperature control; 30-minute timer; 18-cup food capacity; 1800W of power; dishwasher-safe oil container; includes lid with viewing window

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$99.99 - $119.99
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Model: CDF-200P1     UPC: 086279176219

An 1800-watt immersion-style heating element makes the heat-up and recovery time for the Cuisinart Deep Fryer fast and efficient.

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$99.95 - $99.99
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Model: PDF302T     UPC: 715688068807

Premium Levella Deep Fryer

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$39.99 - $59.99
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Model: RJ07-3SS-T     UPC: 856432005478

5 temperarure settings; charcoal air filter; immersion heating element; 1,500-watt power; dishwasher-safe parts; stainless-steel oil container

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Model: CDF-100P1     UPC: 086279176455

Cuisinart presents a deep fryer that takes up less counter space. Designed to fry batches up to ¾ of a pound in just 1.1 liter of oil, this is a great deep fryer even for spur-of-the-moment snacks and meals. The compact design allows creative cooks to prepare fried calamari to top a salad, and moms to fry up mozzarella sticks for kids.

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$49.99 - $67.72
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Model: CDF-100     UPC: 086279014009

1000 watts of power; die-cast frying bowl; up to 3/4 lb. food capacity; up to 1.1 liter oil capacity; removable charcoal filter

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