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Model: NS-DU33DL     UPC: 600603188947

Designed for use with most external flashes; 8mm shaft fits most flash mounting bracket; broadens and softens light from a flash; constructed of fabric and metal; removable outer cover; lightweight, portable design

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Model: AFA032N700     UPC: 725211032021

Designed for Nikon cameras with DX bayonet mount; eBAND coating; dual MPU control system; improved autofocus accuracy and speed; 82mm filter size; 15" minimum focus distance; 1:5 maximum magnification

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Model: 204306     UPC: 085126204556

Designed for select Nikon DSLR mounts; FLD and SLD glass; 11" minimum focusing distance; 1:6.4 maximum magnification; f/22 minimum aperture

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$398.04 - $1202.93
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Model: A-NXT58UV     UPC: 024066055330

Compatible with most lenses with a 58mm filter diameter; protects your lens from dust and scratches; atmospheric haze reduction; 6 layers of multicoating; optical-grade glass; 97% light transmission

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Model: 1987     UPC: 018208019878

Compatible with most Nikon cameras with an F-bayonet mount; CRC (Close-Range Correction) system; 62mm filter size; 8.7" minimum focus distance; up to 1x reproduction ratio

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Model: 620-643CF-PH     UPC: 090729613261

Only at Best Buy Compatible with most camcorders and cameras; 64" maximum extension height; 11" minimum extension height; built-in bubble level; 3-way pan head

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$149.99 - $221.95
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Model: LC-V2-1     UPC: 810019500381

LED light; 750-lux maximum brightness; adjustable brightness; aluminum body; water-resistant up to 30'; 5600K color temperature; 2-button control; Lume-X app; accessories included

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Model: 13534     UPC: 018208135349

Compatible with select Nikon APS-C F-mount cameras; M/A automatic to manual focusing switch; Nikon super integrated coating

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Model: 16651332     UPC: 074101202144

Compatible with digital camera; holds up to 2 x NP-W235 batteries; AF-on button; command dial; shutter release button; AE lock button; focus lever; Q button; Fn button

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Model: 340205     UPC: 085126340629

Compatible with most Sony digital cameras; HSM (hyper-sonic motor) technology; floating internal focusing system; 67mm filter size; 11.8" minimum focus distance

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$420 - $823.97
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