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Model: RAY129     UPC: 818651025613

Red laser diodes; green laser diodes; blue laser diodes; 126 x 0.2W RGB light LEDs; sound active, DMX and show usage modes; dimming; 4-button menu; laser on/off switch; safety loop; hanging bracket

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Model: SCORPIONDUAL     UPC: 781462211677

Laser; sound active; DMX; auto; master/slave usage modes; pan movement; tilt movement; remote controlled; built-in display; built-in microphone; 4-button control panel; adjustable zoom angle (1 - 29 degrees); dual FAT BEAM; variance-free; dual mirror output; programmable tilt effect; programmable zoom effect; programmable pan effect; cooling fan

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Model: MEG555     UPC: 819730014290

107 RGB LEDs with one 3W UV LED; 30-degree beam angle; 5 operational modes; 32 built-in lightshows; 4-button control panel; includes 4 Par LED wash fixtures, 3 DMX connector cables and a carrying case

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$399.99 - $429.99
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Model: DL 41     UPC: 606540030028

Laser; sound active and auto usage modes; remote controlled; class 3A laser classification

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Model: FOG823     UPC: 819730013835

ETS (Electronic Thermo Sensing) technology; twelve 3W LEDs; high-performance pump; 3 operational modes; 5 DMX channels; 4-button control panel with LCD; 700W heater; 3-pin DMX XLR in/out connections

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$364.99 - $419.95
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Model: SWEEPER BEAM QUAD     UPC: 819730010568

AMERICAN DJ Sweeper Beam Light Bar: 3 operational modes; 4 DMX channel modes; built-in sound-activated programs; pulse and strobe effects; 4-button DMX LED display; eight 3W CREE LED bulbs; 0-100% electronic dimming; 3.5-degree beam angle

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Model: DUE553800F001     UPC: 860436001107

Bias lighting for TVs; 6500K white LED; light strip with pre-programmed modes; reduces eye-fatigue; universal size; USB-powered; remote control included

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Model: 4ST100     UPC: 818651026269

iOS compatible; 14 WiFly wireless channels; 2.4 GHz DSSS WiFi network; magnetic back

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Model: DYNAMIC-DUO     UPC: 692868393860

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Model: STI680     UPC: 818651020243

10W LED source; 13° beam angle; 3 operational modes; pan/tilt inversion mode

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$239.99 - $319.99
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