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Model: SS091LAP15FP     UPC: 641064840210

Includes long chain and short chain options; fully adjustable; lightweight aluminum cam and beater clamp; tri-felt "red stripe" beater; stainless-steel drive shaft; monarch dual-chain drive cam; maintenance-free bronze sleeve bearings

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Model: 750307     UPC: 884088610210

Asian hardwood body and front plate; 13"H x 13"W x 21"D

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Model: EDREC10     UPC: 761294507667

Acoustic cajon with Roland's electronic percussion technology; sapele wood playing surface; 30 built-in electronic kits; top-mounted sound controls; battery-powered

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Model: K0965     UPC: 642388110980

From our expanded online assortment; compatible with most acoustic drum sets; excellent stick definition; full-bodied stick sound; dark, warm undertones; trashy crash qualities; medium bell

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Model: COMMANDMESHT     UPC: 694318023693

Command advanced drum module with 64 x 128 monochrome backlit LCD display; 74 kits and over 671 multisampled instruments; record yourself playing in real time; 3x 8" dual-zone mesh toms, 8" mesh kick pad and 10" dual-zone mesh snare drum; USB MIDI output

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Model: 151620     UPC: 697643302563

Compatible with most acoustic drum sets; ride-type design; brilliant finish

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Model: PA607FT     UPC: 731201354554

high-impact plastic frame; jingle pinning system; nickel plated steel jingles; elastic band

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Model: K1218     UPC: 642388299616

From our expanded online assortment; compatible with most acoustic drum sets; traditional-finished outer half; brilliant-finished inner half; medium bell; medium profile; low to mid pitch; dark/mid sound; long sustain

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Model: DRSCM2217NA     UPC: 647139268828

PACIFIC Concept 7-Piece Drum Set: 7-piece acoustic drum set includes one 22" x 18" bass drum with tom mount, one 7" x 8" tom, one 8" x 10" tom, one 9" x 12" tom, one 12" x 14" floor tom, one 14" x 16" floor tom and one 5.5" x 14" snare drum

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Model: 750682     UPC: 884088690380

Siam oak construction; 2-in-1 shaker and güiro; wooden scraper

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