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Model: 189101     UPC: 085126927387

Compatible with select Canon cameras; auto zoom, modeling, multipulse, TTL wireless, FP, rear-curtain Synchro and manual flash functions; built-in wide panel; bounce flash; auto power-off function

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Model: HVLF32M     UPC: 027242882317

Compatible with select Sony cameras; auto electronic flash with preflash; bounce feature; red-eye reduction; multi-interface shoe

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$279.99 - $298
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Model: 4810     UPC: 018208048106

Compatible with most Nikon cameras with an accessory hot shoe; i-TTL (intelligent through-the-lens) flash coverage technology; automatic IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and series circuitry

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$146.95 - $149.99
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Model: 4571C002     UPC: 013803331585

Canon The Speedlite EL-1 is the next generation, all-purpose flash that professionals and advanced amateurs have been seeking, providing durability, reliability and a range of power that opens up a number of possibilities.

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$1099 - $1099.99
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Model: HVLF45RM     UPC: 027242903289

Compatible with Sony Alpha a7 series cameras; built-in wireless radio control; low recycle time; bounce head; LED light function; auto zoom control; dust and moisture-resistant design; compact and lightweight

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$369.99 - $398
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Model: SFD450C     UPC: 636980703503

Compatible with most Canon DSLR cameras; e-TTL I/II flash; adjustable, tilting head; red-eye reduction; automatic shutter speed setting; 2nd and rear curtain synchronization; 18-55mm auto zoom range; built-in slave mode

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Model: 199205     UPC: 085126927400

Compatible with select Sony DSLR cameras; TTL automatic flash exposure control; auto zoom function; built-in wide panel; bounce flash; auto power-off function

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Model: SFD14C     UPC: 636980504148

Compatible with select Canon EOS DSLR cameras; ring design; TTL (through-the-lens) metering; EV exposure control

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Model: 1957C002     UPC: 013803286793

Compatible with Canon EOS 5DS, 5DS R, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS Rebel T7i, EOS Rebel T6i; equipped with AI bounce function; full and semi-automatic modes; flexible bounce range; maximum guide number of 47 (154') at ISO 100; LCD panel

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$239.99 - $299.99
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Model: SFD35C     UPC: 636980504056

Compatible with select Canon DSLR cameras; 28-85mm zoom coverage; bounce and swivel features; 112' guide number

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