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Model: PR30B     UPC: 885936793024

The PR 30 achieves its exceptional performance by using a special magnet structure and a large aluminum 1 1/2” low mass voice coil assembly. A carefully wound and placed hum bucking coil allows the PR 30 to be used close to video monitors without unwanted hum or buzz. Special attention has been paid to the phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source.

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Model: PR35     UPC: 885936793543

The Heil PR 35 is a microphone that means business. Designed for applications that require a smooth, flat response, the PR 35 is a perfect fit for producers, sound engineers, musicians and broadcasters alike.

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Model: PDMIK1     UPC: 068888901802

Compatible with professional audios; dynamic design; unidirectional pickup pattern; 50Hz - 15kHz frequency response

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$4.99 - $5.8
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Model: AUD PRO23     UPC: 042005198191

For recording instruments; dynamic design; 100Hz - 12kHz frequency response; XLR output

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Model: ROD REPORTER     UPC: 698813002801

70 kHz to 15 kHz - Wired - Dynamic - Handheld - XLR

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Model: AUD BPHS2C     UPC: 4961310144784

News and sports broadcasting headsetWired connectionBuilt-in boom-mounted adjustable cardioid condenser microphone

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Model: LSM9POPMAG     UPC: 801813188509

For recording vocals; dynamic design; 50Hz - 18kHz frequency response

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Model: AUD ATR2100XUSB     UPC: 042005204878

Designed for live performance, podcasting, and voiceover use; cardioid polar patter; low-mass diaphragm; high-quality A/D converter with 24-bit, up to 192kHz sampling rate; 50Hz - 15kHz frequency response; USB- and XLR-type outputs; compatible with Windows and Mac

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Model: AUD BPHS2     UPC: 4961310144746

News and sports broadcasting headsetWired connectionBuilt-in boom-mounted adjustable hypercardioid dynamic microphone

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Model: AUD AT2005USB     UPC: 042005175154

For recording voices; dynamic design; 15Hz - 15kHz frequency response; cardioid pickup pattern; USB connection; headphone jack; includes microphone stand and microphone stand adapter; volume and on/off controls

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$69.99 - $79
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