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Model: TS     UPC: 748252633255

he Tone Secret recreates the sonic DNA of the most iconic users of the green screamer heard on countless studio recordings and live performances without the need for a cranked mid-scooped amplifier to run the pedal into.

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Model: MTMV+     UPC: 664101001054

Compatible with most electric guitars; electro-optical volume control; consistent audio taper; switchable minimum volume control; minimum volume knob; LED indicator; easy battery access; cold-rolled steel housing

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Model: SIL-1     UPC: 611820002282

The Silver Snark clip-on chromatic tuner features advanced "Hyper-Snark Software," making it the fasted Snark tuner. It has a long battery life and utilizes vulcanized rubbar collars for durability.

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Model: MTMARK1     UPC: 664101001214

Compatible with guitars, bass, or keys; adds Wah effect; boost knob; LED indication

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Model: MIDI-MAESTRO-USA     UPC: 860001968910

Singular Sound gear presets; custom presets for most MIDI devices; customizable high-visibility screen for each button; dynamic page system; MIDI Maestro app; daisy chain; strong metal housing

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Model: BT200S-4     UPC: 753677825918

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher) computers or tablets; 4 programmable tactile steel switches; Bluetooth and low-battery status LEDs; battery-powered

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Model: MTAW     UPC: 664101001191

Compatible with guitars, bass, or keys; Wah mode; switchless operation; True Tone Bypass buffer circuit; rugged cold-rolled steel housing; unique Amott's blood-splatter design

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Model: TMP100     UPC: 888506050022

99 user patches, 99 factory patches; CDCM HD and F.I.R.E. modeling system; 4 assignable foot switches with halo LEDs; 4" touch screen; 1/4" instrument inputs and outputs; MIDI support; USB port

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Model: FV-30H     UPC: 761294506592

Compatible with most electric guitars and basses; volume control; aluminum construction; high impedance

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Model: HRM     UPC: 748252930927

Ultra-Phonix HRM recreates the much sought after Dumble™ HRM overdrive tone that pushed ... The “Master” control determines the total output of the pedal.

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