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Model: J1772DHCOMBOBKNUSA     UPC: 4897080226798

Compatible with all J1772 connectors; made from high-quality, rust-free aluminum; easy installation with included screws and wall plugs

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Model: J1772TESLAUSAN     UPC: 4895230305454

Compatible with the Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X; allows to use Level 1 and Level 2 J1772 charging stations; easy setup

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Model: EVCHARGE14-50-32A     UPC: 4897080226934

Compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles; 32 amps of current and 240V of voltage; fast charging; LED indicator lights; 21ft cable; high-grade, rugged plug materials

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Model: 2JBO321RNA-PJWX-300     UPC: 864469000038

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Model: J1772EXTENSION20FTUS     UPC: 4895230302507

Compatible with Level 1 and 2 EV charger with J1772 connectors; increases length of EV charger mains cable; silver-plated inlet; IP66 water-resistant design; ABS plastic material; 20' length

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