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Model: OR30SCI6X1     UPC: 822843819614

Acid-resistant graphite enamel; 4 cooktop elements; 1400-3700W of power; built-in warming drawer

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Model: JB750DJBB     UPC: 084691812449

5 elements, including a Power Boil element and a warming zone; 80-3000W of power; True European Convection technology with Precise Air; removable full-width storage drawer

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Model: WEC310SAGS     UPC: 883049457222

4 cooktop elements; high-speed coil elements; 2400W bake element power; Frozen Bake™ technology; temperature sensor; delay cook; Sabbath mode function

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Model: NE63T8311SG     UPC: 887276409016

Fingerprint-resistant design; 5 elements; 9"/12" dual element and 6"/9" dual element with up to 3000W of power; 2x 6" elements with up to 1200W of power; 7" warming center; Convection Auto Conversion technology; built-in storage drawer

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Model: PB911FJDS     UPC: 084691827245

Hidden bake element and 6-pass broil element; 4 cooktop elements; warming zone; 80-3100W of power; self-cleaning

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Model: PROF366DFSROT     UPC: 8054309280177

6 burners; 3,400-18,000 BTUs of heat; convection, defrost, keep warm, convection bake, convection broil and Proof mode functions

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Model: NE63A6751SG/AA     UPC: 887276552088

Cook two dishes at different temperatures with Samsung’s new Flex Duo™ Freestanding Electric Range. Use the full oven for a large roast or split it into two smaller ovens that can cook at different temperatures. Upgraded technology makes cooking simple and fun.

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Model: CHS90XM2NS5     UPC: 084691841166

11" 3700W induction element; 6" 100W warming zone; 2x 8" synchronized elements; true European convection with Precise Air; hidden bake element; warming drawer

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Model: PHB920EJES     UPC: 084691817093

Hidden bake element and 6-pass broil element; 4 elements; 100-3700W of power; sabbath mode, precise air convection system, auto recipe conversion, convection bake, true convection cooking system functions; self-cleaning

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