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Model: WR383R     UPC: 047323383007

AM/FM tuner; LED power indicator; 3.5mm audio input; dynamo hand crank; mobile phone charger; built-in speaker; analog volume control; thermometer; emergency siren; carry handle

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$25.99 - $31.98
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Model: SU-S6V-U-BK     UPC: 850016772107

Survival kit

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Model: BA-F4L-U-NA     UPC: 850016772282

First aid kit

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Model: SU-P2C-U-RD     UPC: 850016772251

Lightweight pack raft

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Model: ER301     UPC: 046014753105

Two level flashlight brightness; ultrasonic dog whistle; up to 32 hours of battery life; smartphone/tablet charger

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Model: 330740WKU     UPC: 194189538734

Now you can inflate all your inflatable items on the go with this fantastic Fleming Supply Portable Air Compressor Kit! The kit is lightweight and can go wherever you go. All you need is your car's cigarette lighter outlet and the compressor will take care of the rest. This 250 PSI compressor is great for camping and emergency situations.

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Model: S-ZRFP-05     UPC: 849813019393

LED bulb; 8 emergency lighting modes; 9 light patterns; magnetic base; battery-powered design; water-resistant construction

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Model: SU-Z6U-U-RD     UPC: 850016772244

Portable jumpstarter and battery

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Model: SU-P3O-U-BK     UPC: 850016772121

Survival kit

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Model: 41-3820     UPC: 035355438208

Life+Gear Survival/First Aid Kit - Plastic, Fabric, Glass - Red - 130 x Piece(s)

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$24.99 - $33.12
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