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Model: NL45-0800WT120E26-3PK     UPC: 840102703511

A seamless no-hub introduction to a smart home with the color-changing LED bulb. Unique multi-faceted bulb design and the purest color performance create a stunning illumination in your room. High brightness and endless colors will take your space from work mode to game night fun instantly.

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$49.99 - $86.95
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Model: JB01578     UPC: 817024015787

Beamo Mini-The LED light that will make you look great, wherever you are! Designed for all content creators on-the-go who need a professional look for their mobile journeys.

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$69.95 - $69.99
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Model: D-FUSE DF-1M     UPC: 682055722788

Compatible with most square LED light panels; lightweight; foldable; medium size

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Model: RS-4002     UPC: 034447040022

Improves lighting conditions for general photography purposes; two 500W, 10"-diameter aluminum reflectors; 2 ceramic sockets rated to 660W; two 4-section, extendable steel light stands; travel and storage box

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Model: AZ-GS     UPC: 850009447081

Get the extra space you need to do a variety of chroma key editing – whether it is photo editing in your studio, making videos, or streaming your favorite game online. Get even more angles to shoot with 160X157cm of backdrop space.

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Model: LC-V2-2     UPC: 810019500398

LED light; 750 lux maximum brightness; adjustable brightness; aluminum body; water-resistant up to 30'; 5600K color temperature; 2-button control; Lume-X app; accessories included; 2-pack

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$158.99 - $279.51
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Model: GVBB&C     UPC: 815206024602

Designed to power select GVB Gear on-camera lights, monitors, light panels and more; plastic construction; car charger included

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Model: LC PANEL1     UPC: 810019500428

LED light; power bank function; aluminum body; LCD screen; 1600-lux maximum brightness; adjustable brightness; 3200K to 5600K color temperature; cold shoe mount; accessories included

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Model: SFD926S     UPC: 636980504285

Compatible with select Sony digital cameras; built-in diffuser and reflector panel; 24-85mm zoom coverage; auto power-saving illuminated LCD display; bounce, zoom and swivel head; dual power-saving mode

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