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Model: 4808     UPC: 018208048083

Compatible with most Nikon digital SLR cameras with a hot shoe; wireless flash control; 3 light distribution patterns; color filter identification

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$140 - $487.99
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Model: 0585C006     UPC: 013803267594

Compatible with Canon Type-A EOS cameras (E-TTL II/E-TTL auto flash); built-in catchlight panel; dot-matrix LCD and multi dial; broad bounce angle range; wireless shooting support

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$27.99 - $338.21
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Model: 1177C002     UPC: 013803270891

Compatible with select Canon EOS and PowerShot DSLR cameras; full automatic E-TTL II operation with manual override; 20-200mm zoom coverage; illuminated dot-matrix LCD panel; horizontal and vertical head-angle adjustments

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$254.99 - $598
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Model: 1957C002     UPC: 013803286793

Compatible with Canon EOS 5DS, 5DS R, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS Rebel T7i, EOS Rebel T6i; equipped with AI bounce function; full and semi-automatic modes; flexible bounce range; maximum guide number of 47 (154') at ISO 100; LCD panel

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$129.99 - $798
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Model: 4814     UPC: 018208048144

Compatible with select Nikon cameras; i-TTL technology; high-intensity LED light; 3 output levels; rotating and tilting head; wireless; lightweight

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$229 - $249.99
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Model: 5247B002     UPC: 013803135268

Compatible with select Canon DSLR cameras; wireless slave function; vertical bounce capability; compact, lightweight design

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$60 - $349
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Model: NS-DUBR1S     UPC: 600603188954

Universal design; connects a light stand, umbrella and external flash; swivels and tilts; metal construction

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$9.99 - $14.99
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Model: LED60K-R     UPC: 731409714594

500W maximum equivalent power; two 35W LED lamps; 5500K color temperature; dimmable; adjustable light stands

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$39.99 - $135.99
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Model: 4815     UPC: 018208048151

Compatible with select Nikon DSLR cameras; Creative Lighting System; Advanced Wireless Lighting; cooling system

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$61.75 - $705.48
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Model: NS-DCSMA     UPC: 600603176036

Compatible with most hot-shoe mount flashes, video lights and accessories; holds camera and 2 light sources or other accessories; helps reduce red-eye effect

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