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Model: KT011     UPC: 856537008282

Siren + Keypad unit, 4 Roo tags, 3 Motion + Entry sensors, yard sign, 5 security stickers; compatible with most Kangaroo sensors; Wi-Fi connectivity; audible alarm; works with iOS and Android devices; Kangaroo: Simple Home Security app

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Model: SWADS-GARSEN-GL     UPC: 840236114559

Prevents damage to your vehicle and property; adjustable safety distance; indicator light; easy usage and installation

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$19.99 - $20.18
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Model: VMA1000-10000S     UPC: 606449109139

360° swivel; 90° tilt; easy installation; wall- and ceiling-mountable; indoor or outdoor use; mounting hardware included

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$19.98 - $24.99
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Model: GP-U999SJVLAAA     UPC: 192969000006

Compatible with SmartThings systems; SmartThings Wi-Fi is required; monitors vibration and temperature

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Model: UFCV-01012001     UPC: 697285055025

Water leak detection; indoor use; water pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors; shutoff valve; Wi-Fi connectivity; mobile notifications; 3/4" SharkBite connection

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Model: 8AB1S7-0EN0     UPC: 842861100860

Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Spotlight Cam; lithium-ion chemistry; quick-release tab

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Model: 1039730     UPC: 029054018373

Electrochemical CO sensing technology; 85dB alarm; mute button; end-of-life timer

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Model: H13000ES     UPC: 813917020524

Arm and disarm without a passcodeWorks with Nest Secure alarm systemNest app

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Model: 4SS1S8-0EN0     UPC: 842861103236

Requires Ring Alarm Security Kit; sends notifications to your phone and tablet; place within 6" of existing smoke or CO alarms; 3V lithium battery included

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$34.99 - $57
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Model: 1039868     UPC: 029054019189

Detecting smoke/carbon monoxide sound alarm; photoelectric smoke sensor; electrochemical CO sensor; test and silence button; built-in 10-year battery

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$14.49 - $41.4
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