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Model: 840919-1100     UPC: 017817820189

As the most portable L1 Pro system, the L1 Pro8 is ready whenever you are, enabling easier load-in and faster setup. With an eight-driver articulated C-shape line array, the L1 Pro8 offers 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage, equipping singer-songwriters and DJs for small venues like coffee shops and cafes. 840919-1100.

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Model: RESERVE R600     UPC: 747192132088

The Reserve Series R600 tower speaker utilizes a two-way driver design featuring the 1" Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter and dual 6.5" Turbine cone woofer to deliver ultra-clear highs, detailed midrange and effortless bass for your music, movies, and games. Polk's patented Power Port 2.0 offers distortion-free, rich bass in a wide soundstage. R600 is Hi-Res, Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced Certified.

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Model: BT-209F     UPC: 642014746675

Bluetooth connectivity; FM tuner; MP3 playback; USB, SD and MMC support; auxiliary input; 6.5" subwoofer; treble and bass controls; digital display

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Model: 840920-1100     UPC: 017817820080

A balance of power and portability, the L1 Pro16 portable line array is a streamlined system with high output and extended low frequency. With a 16-driver articulated J-shape line array, the L1 Pro16 offers 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage and is a perfect fit for DJs, singer-songwriters, and small ensembles performing in small-to-medium sized clubs, bars, and other venues. 840920-1100.

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Model: RESERVE R900     UPC: 747192132125

Designed to perfectly complement the Reserve series, the R900 height module adds exceptionally realistic sound without the hassle of installing ceiling speakers. Features the latest 1” Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter and a 4” Turbine Cone Driver that ensures accuracy and speed for unmatchable depth and details. It is compatible with all Reserve Series Speakers R200, R500, R600 & R700 speakers

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Model: RESERVE R300     UPC: 747192132316

The Polk Reserve R300 compact center channel loudspeaker features a 1” Pinnacle Ring Tweeter and Dual 5.25” Turbine Woofers and delivers crisp vocals and intelligible dialogue for your favorite movies & shows. With Hi-Res Certification, it offers clear and detailed high-end response up to 40Khz for improved high frequency signals for today’s high-quality audio. The Reserve R300 is Wall Mountable

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Model: 840918-1100     UPC: 017817820103

840918-1100. Portable PA. Subwoofer. The Sub1 powered bass module combines with virtually any portable PA and delivers low end down to 40 Hz. More compact subwoofer option for the Bose L1 Pro32 system

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Model: YHT-5960UBL     UPC: 027108110172

Home Theater, Complete Home Theater, All-in-one theater, home-theater-in-a-box, 4K home theater, 8K home theater, theater system

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Model: 840921-1100     UPC: 017817820141

The L1 Pro32 offers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage, giving DJs, singer-songwriters, and bands an unrivaled portable PA system for medium-to-large-sized venues and events like weddings, clubs, and festivals. 840921-1100.

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Model: PALADIN DCR + XM2     UPC: 857464002190

Convert Sony and JVC 4K projectors to the cinema 2.4:1 format and add 2.6 million more pixels of clarity and 38% more brightness when showing today's most popular movie and streaming content. Exceed commercial cinema performance. No more black bars. No more moving parts. Instant format changes from cinema to TV content at the push of a button.

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