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Model: KS411-SLT     UPC: 854613008232

Designed to organize your keys and other accessories; Tile smart location technology; Bluetooth; can hold up to 14 keys; includes loop ring; polished bottle opener; shatter- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic frames with stainless steel hardware; rechargeable battery; LED flashlight; compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

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Model: E91TP-16     UPC: 039800121394

Alkaline chemistry; 1.5V of power; Power Seal technology; leak-resistant; mercury free

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Model: L91SBP-4     UPC: 039800035066

Lithium chemistry; 1.5V of power; 3200 mAh capacity; lightweight design; shelf life up to 20 years

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Model: URC-MX980     UPC: 728286576490

Compatible with Universal Remote Control (URC) MX810, MX880, MX950, MX980 remote controls; 3.7V of power; lithium-ion chemistry

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Model: 5B11S8-WEN0     UPC: 842861105247

400-lumen output; LED bulb; works with Ring bridge; motion activated; up to 120° field of view; 3500K light temperature; weather-resistant construction

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Model: 953-CT-P     UPC: 638060276525

Designed for glass cooktops; micro-texture scrubbing surface technology; chemical-free; easy-grip shape; dishwasher-safe; 2-pack

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Model: TOOL-213     UPC: 728286022133

Nickel-cadmium chemistry; 6V of power; up to 6-month shelf life

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Model: NH15BP-8     UPC: 039800074041

Nickel-metal-hydride chemistry; 1.2V of power; 2300 mAh capacity; up to 500 lifetime charges

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Model: A23BPZ     UPC: 039800110084

Alkaline chemistry; 12V of power; zero mercury

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Model: 2032BP-2     UPC: 039800066114

Power up your electronic components with a long-lasting Energizer battery

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