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Model: SG9S7US     UPC: 4742793008912

Up to 9-plant capacity; LED grow-light; self-watering tank with level indicator; smart soil; biodomes; Click & Grow app; free from GMO, pesticides, and herbicides; 9-pod seed kit included

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Model: 10101-10079A     UPC: 889288100790

Good for all types of gardening. Black Magic Felt Grow Pots naturally aerate soil and help prevent root circling – promoting an environment where your plant can naturally help itself.

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Model: VB300526     UPC: 073561005265

Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food is great for use on all indoor plants, including edibles! Feed once a week for great results.

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Model: VB300519     UPC: 073561005197

Grows Plants Twice As Big!®* Protect your plants against over- and under- watering with Miracle-® Moisture Control® Potting Mix. *vs. unfed plants

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Model: 903132-1100     UPC: 810705016479

Grow up to 9 of your favorite fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables, or flowers; 50W LED grow light; up to 24" of grow height; large color touch screen control panel; vacation mode

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Model: LETTUCE_GROW_30     UPC: 850018498036

Grow up to 30 plants at a time; works with pre-sprouted plants; timer for automated watering; smart water distribution system

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Model: SGR22X3     UPC: 4742793007397

Compatible with Click & Grow Smart Garden hydroponic systems; peppermint herb; 3 grow pods; quick time to grow; Click & Grow app; non-GMO; easy-to-use

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Model: SGS8US     UPC: 4742793007236

Up to 3 plants capacity; LED grow light; self-watering tank with level indicator; smart soil; Click & Grow app; free from GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides; 3-pod seed kit included

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Model: 238591RFQ     UPC: 194189580887

Moving potted plants and flowers around has never been easier with the Metal Plant Caddies. This set of 12” rolling planter dollies can each hold up to 110 pounds for effortless transportation of vegetable plants, ornamental trees or even heavy whiskey barrels filled with annuals. The black nylon casters move in all directions and have two locking wheels to keep your caddy in place.

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Model: 93101228     UPC: 043168503105

Balanced spectrum; light bar type; for indoor plants; 30W; designed to fit your plant's growth stage

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