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Model: MAD2P9800F001     UPC: 602956003427

MARBLUE Sportsuit Sensor+ Pouch for Nike+ Apple iPod Wireless Sensors: Designed to complement Nike+ iPod Sport kits; lets runners attach the Nike+ iPod wireless sensor to the top of running shoes; neoprene and rubber materials; hook-and-loop closure

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Model: SPK-A1676     UPC: 875912028820

Compatible with Apple iPod touch 5th generation; rubbery, pixelated texture; form-fitting, 1-piece design; raised bezel; rubberized button covers

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Model: 8250-ITELNFMB/RC01599     UPC: 685387306411

Compatible with 2nd-generation Apple iPod touch; slim, no-clip design; leather outer layer; polycarbonate inner shell

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Model: F8Z547-095-BBY     UPC: 722868744475

Form-fitting; play-through design; silicone

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Model: GB35663     UPC: 685387408429

6-foot drop protection in a silicone skin.

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