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Model: LUMOS-NB     UPC: 711746558266

Light Therapy Lamp - Lumos

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Model: WL75     UPC: 853879007737

Wake-up Light

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Model: VT43WW3     UPC: 768533140067

HappyLight® Luxe light therapy lamp by Verilux. Featuring adjustable color, temperature and a countdown timer that allow you to personalize your experience. Plug it in & get happy!

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$69.99 - $99.95
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Model: HF3650/60     UPC: 075020069184

Simulates sunrise and sunset; RelaxBreathe feature; built-in multiple light modes and sounds; modern design; clinically proven to work

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Model: HF3418/60     UPC: 075020045041

Medical-grade light therapy lamp; up to 10000 lux; fights energy dips; wall-mountable

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Model: CSLT000W     UPC: 761712019512

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Model: LUMINETTE3     UPC: 745844429340

Compatible with glasses or contact lenses; light therapy glasses; 3 intensity levels; timer indicator with signal; blue-enriched white light LEDs; micro USB port battery-powered; MyLuminette app

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Model: LATTISFBA     UPC: 011922138962

Light Therapy Lamp - Lattis

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Model: LUMINEFBA     UPC: 011922138887

Light Therapy Lamp - Lumine

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