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Model: KB300G     UPC: 888680727062

Height-adjustable; steel material; black powder-coated finish

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Model: 99-123-0105     UPC: 614252007719

LINE 6 Relay G50 Wireless Guitar System: 12 channels; up to 200' wireless range; 10Hz - 20kHz frequency response; 120dB dynamic range; 24-bit A/D conversion; low noise; simple operation

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Model: MTSW     UPC: 664101001078

Compatible with most electric guitars; electro-optical wah control; compact design; LED indicator; easy battery access; cold-rolled steel housing; 1/4" input and output jacks

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Model: 990403105     UPC: 614252009614

Compatible with most electric guitars; more than 100 stompbox FX, delays, distortions, reverbs and more; dedicated knobs; 28-sec. looper; mono, stereo and MIDI inputs and outputs

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Model: 991280305     UPC: 614252307284

Easily integrates into pedalboard; up to 130' wireless range; up to 8 hours of playing time per charge; 24-bit A/D conversion; super-low noise transmission; auto/manual selection of wireless frequency; simple plug-and-play operation

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Model: 99-125-0105     UPC: 614252008112

LINE 6 Relay G90 Wireless Guitar System: 12 channels; up to 300' wireless range; full bandwidth; zero compression

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