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Model: SBE1-142-N     UPC: 780405714718

Up to 34,000 BTU of heat; stainless steel construction; weather resistant ignition system; metal illuminated dials; stainless steel cover

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Model: ADN1-20X30     UPC: 780405714909

Provide easy access to the area underneath the grill; shelf built into the door; stainless steel construction

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Model: PBE1-24-N     UPC: 780405714664

Up to 70,000 BTUs of heat; stainless steel construction; hot surface ignition system; metal illuminated dials

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Model: DP1-42     UPC: 780405714930

Professional design; store all of your outdoor essentials; ultra-premium indoor features

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Model: ADR2-30     UPC: 780405714831

Easy-gliding drawers; stainless steel construction; integrated handle

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Model: BGC30-BQ-N     UPC: 780405714527

Precision heat and control; 553 sq. in. primary and 195 sq. in. secondary cooking surface; Ceramic Radiant technology; two 25.000 BTU U-shaped stainless-steel burners; use with natural gas

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Model: BH1-48R-N     UPC: 780405714442

Precision heat and control; 855 sq. in. primary and 327 sq. in. secondary cooking surface; Grease Management System technology; Ceramic Radiant technology; four 25.000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners; 18.000 BTU rotisserie burner with motor; 3.500 BTU sealed smoker; Smart Beam grill light; temperature gauge

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Model: BGC132-BI-L     UPC: 780405714770

Mechanical controls; 2 gas burner elements; 4982W of heating power

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Model: GDE1-30-L     UPC: 780405714657

Two 20,000 BTU U-burners; 304 grade stainless steel construction; compatible with DCS CAD1-30E cart

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Model: 7672     UPC: 077924174353

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