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Model: 990403405     UPC: 614252306096

128 on-board presets; colored LED footswitches; 1/4" guitar inputs and outputs; MIDI support; knob control; USB connectivity

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Model: 98 DC1 US     UPC: 614252029018

LINE 6 DC-1G Power Supply: Compatible with select X2 devices; 9V of power; provides ample power to your compatible device

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Model: 99-040-0301     UPC: 614252041201

LINE 6 DL4 Delay Stompbox Modeler Guitar Pedal: Compatible with most electric guitars; 16 vintage delay and echo effects; 3 programmable presets; on-board Tap Tempo control; 14-second sample-loop memory; stereo inputs and outputs

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Model: SD-1     UPC: 761294008508

Warm, smooth overdriven sounds; asymmetric overdrive circuitry; tone control

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Model: MTMARK1     UPC: 664101001214

Compatible with guitars, bass, or keys; adds Wah effect; boost knob; LED indication

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Model: FV-50L     UPC: 761294037256

Low-impedance volume pedal; direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units; minimum volume knob; tuner-out jack

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Model: BBM2-USA     UPC: 868361000073

Works with any sound system and any instrument; high-quality 16-bit sound; over 200 styles and samples of professional drummers; no programming necessary; ergonomic button

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Model: EFFHSINGER2     UPC: 653341325730

Compact battery-powered vocal stompbox; harmony on/off footswitch; studio-grade reverb; Adaptive Tone technology; VoiceSupport

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Model: SATPB1911     UPC: 809164022787

Built-in 25,600 mAh lithium-ion battery; lightweight chassis; Velco® pedal mounting tape; protective carry case; power cords included

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Model: DS-1     UPC: 761294008522

Classic distortion tones; reproduces playing dynamics from soft to hard; distortion, level and tone control

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