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Model: DHD3014UC     UPC: 825225865810

BOSCH 30" Telescopic Downdraft System: Slide control; 3 exhaust fan speeds; washable grease filters; rises 13" above cooktop

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Model: HDDREC5UC     UPC: 825225920335

Compatible with 15" downdraft hoods; converts your range hood to a recirculating design; includes recirculation module, charcoal filter and grill vent plate

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Model: HDDSTRAN2     UPC: 825225940500

Compatible with 800 Series downdraft HDD86050UC; required to attach duct to downdraft

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Model: RFXN5004     UPC: 026715172054

Designed for RM50000 series chimney hoods; flue extension for 10' ceilings; non-ducted installation; 35" long

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Model: W10446915     UPC: 883049258195

Designed for round 6" vent duct; 6" round makeup air switch duct, 6" motorized damper, and T10 Torx® adapter included

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Model: DHI1FZUC     UPC: 825225964841

600 cfm InLine Blower

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Model: HDD6RSP     UPC: 825225924739

Designed for use with select Bosch downdrafts; required for installation of 36" gas cooktops; silver finish; includes trim, seal, metal grille, and fasteners

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Model: VTR1FZ     UPC: 825225964926

600 CFM Remote Blower

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Model: PBI-1100B     UPC: 646328009747

1,100-CFM, dual internal blower for use with Zephyr range hoods. This quiet but powerful blower is located inside your range hood to directly and efficiently exhaust airborne cooking contaminants. Includes two blowers. Please check your Zephyr range hood's specification sheet to ensure compatibility.

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Model: VTI2FZ     UPC: 825225964865

1000 CFM Inline Blower

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