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Model: RFX-2W901-SS     UPC: 829543013472

Compatible with select vehicle security systems; 2-way communication; 5280' transmission range

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$179.99 - $249.99
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Model: 2WG9R-SP     UPC: 829543012147

Compatible with select CompuStar remote start and security system controllers; 2-way communication; automatic unlock function; discreet auxiliary button

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$69.99 - $70.39
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Model: 556U     UPC: 093207005756

Compatible with most alarms; bypasses factory antitheft systems during remote starting; 2-wire connection

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Model: VS70-AL     UPC: 829543013168

Compatible with most vehicles; 2 1-way 4-button remotes; transmission range up to 200 ft.; keyless entry; engine lock and starter kill relay; adjustable shock sensor; 6-tone siren

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$199.99 - $337.7
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Model: RS1B-DC2     UPC: 829543012826

Compatible with most vehicles; 1-way communication; automatic unlock function

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Model: 3606V     UPC: 093207097317

Compatible with most vehicles; 1-way 4-button LED remote; transmission range up to 1/4 mile; 2-car operation; keyless entry; Failsafe Starter Kill; Revenger 6-tone neo siren; Silent Mode; Warn-Away; car finder

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Model: VSM300     UPC: 093207100048

Compatible with select smartphones; offers remote start capability; non-GPS-enabled

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Model: 5806V     UPC: 093207096723

Lets you start and secure your compatible vehicle from up to 1 mile away; Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, Neo Revenger 6-tone siren and Failsafe starter-kill security features; TempCheck function

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Model: 506T     UPC: 093207005060

From our expanded online assortment; compatible with Directed Electronics alarm systems; microphone and microprocessor detect and analyze intrusions; detects quiet glass breaks

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$29.95 - $39.99
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Model: 479V     UPC: 093207479229

Compatible with select Viper remote start systems; 2-way communication; 4-button design; LCD screen

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$75.15 - $159.99
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