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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Model: 1045015     UPC: 029054023049

Z-Wave compatible; works with Ring Alarm Security Kit (not included); smoke/fire and carbon monoxide alarm; real-time notifications; battery-operated; loud 85dB siren; simple test and silence button

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Model: GC01CN     UPC: 029054000255

Protect your loved ones and your home; ectrochemical sensor; carbon monoxide detector; multi-function backlit display; battery-backup; 120V AC plug-in design

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$29.99 - $112.98
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Model: 1039879     UPC: 029054019233

Detecting smoke/carbon monoxide alarm bundle; ionization smoke sensor; electrochemical CO sensor; test and silence button; battery-operated

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Model: 4SC2S9-0EN0     UPC: 842861105728

Requires Ring Alarm Security Kit; sends notifications to your phone and tablet; place within 6" of existing smoke or CO alarms; 3V lithium battery included

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$69.99 - $109.74
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Model: 1039746     UPC: 029054018465

Electrochemical CO sensing technology; easy-view backlit digital display; battery backup; easy-access battery door; mute button; end-of-life timer

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$15.01 - $94.98
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Model: 2930     UPC: 854232008033

Radon, CO2, VOC, temperature, humidity, and air pressure sensors; battery powered; Bluetooth and Airthings Smartlink connectivity; wall or ceiling mount support

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$229 - $229.99
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Model: 1039852     UPC: 029054019127

Photoelectric sensor; 10-year sealed battery; tamperproof, sealed alarm design; LED indicator; 85dB alarm; mute button; end-of-life warning

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$25.47 - $29.99
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Model: 0827B     UPC: 029054014436

10-year sealed lithium battery; ionization smoke sensor; alarm status LED indicator; test/silence button

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$20.64 - $22.99
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Model: 1039772     UPC: 029054018595

Low-profile smoke alarm; photoelectric sensor; patented smoke entry system; battery-operated

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Model: 1039102     UPC: 029054018229

Connects to compatible devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; photoelectric, electrochemical sensor; testing and silence features; downloadable Onelink Home app for iOS or Android; built-in alarm; mobile alerts; battery back-up; mounting hardware included

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$79.99 - $314.78
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