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Model: ANVB01     UPC: 851607006854

Tear perforation; double-rib design; 7-layer construction; BPA-free materials; food-safe; can be stored in refrigerator and freezer

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Model: A3.2-120V-US     UPC: 851607006380

Wi-Fi controls; Anova Culinary Wi-Fi App; durable stainless steel materials; sous vide cooking; 900 watts of power

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Model: 140-0007-01     UPC: 859716007311

The Instant Pot® Accu Slim Sous Vide Immersion Circulator creates and maintains an even and accurately controlled cooking water-bath for perfect cooking results.

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$71.8 - $79.98
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Model: GSV130B     UPC: 635414671845

Active control thermostat; pod mount system; dial and digital display; whisper-quiet powerful pump; detachable power cord

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Model: ANTC02     UPC: 851607006656

Smaller size, same great features - The Anova Precision® Cooker Container 12L was designed specifically with sous vide in mind and is a great space saving alternative to our other containers. It’s patented Hemiflow design features smooth, curved edges to help the water circulate more efficiently and heat your water with the quickness.

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Model: STHGAN00     UPC: 816990013384

Compatible with Anova precision cooker; dishwasher and oven safe; multi-purpose; 64.2 oz. capacity; slide zip and seal lock; silicone material

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$19.99 - $38.69
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Model: ANVS01-US00     UPC: 851607006724

Works with any bag size; fast air extraction; strong, reliable seal; compact form

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Model: 11310     UPC: 4047849213105

SV 400 Sous Vide Stick Cooker with Timer Function

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Model: CS10001     UPC: 855869006003

Say goodbye to overcooking. Joule heats to the perfect temperature - no more, no less - which means that your proteins won’t overcook, ever.

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$249.95 - $329.44
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Model: CRX14727     UPC: 829486147272

Prepare steaks, fish, vegetables and more while sealing in flavor and nutrients with the Sous Vide Professional-Style Cooker from Crux. Simply place your favorite foods and seasonings in an airtight bag in a pot of water, then let this immersion cooker's motor silently circulate the water to slow cook foods in a gentle water bath

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