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Model: RF-G1148     UPC: 600603111716

Only @ Best Buy 30' length; oxygen-free copper design; marked for polarity identification

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Model: ROCK4412SBSS     UPC: 092592028937

Compatible with most systems; shielded construction; 12' length

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Model: ROCK8810BABS     UPC: 092592077645

Compatible with most speakers with 4 binding posts and most bi-amp-capable receivers and amplifiers; solid-core and Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors; silver-plated connectors; single- and bi-amp-optimized design; 72V DBS

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Model: ROCK4412BABS     UPC: 092592028944

Compatible with most speakers; Shielded; BiAmp connection

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Model: ROCK448BABS     UPC: 092592079977

Maximizes the performance of most speakers with 4 binding posts on the amp end and each speaker; single bi-amp optimized design; solid-core conductors; solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ and PSC conductors

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