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Model: 72-5600     UPC: 086429074754

Compatible with most 1999 or later Ford trucks; connects factory speaker wires to aftermarket speakers

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Model: 72-8104     UPC: 086429019281

This speaker harness allows you to connect aftermarket car speakers to your vehicle's wiring.

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Model: 72-4568     UPC: 086429016969

This speaker harness allows you to connect aftermarket car speakers to your vehicle's wiring

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Model: TC2-3BB     UPC: 086429262229

Designed to cancel car stereo noise; split center pin for a secure connection; frosted outer shield; oxygen-free copper

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Model: TC5SW18-30     UPC: 086429258376

Connects speakers to a speaker source in most vehicles; 18 AWG; crystal oxygen-free copper material

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Model: IBR-SW12     UPC: 086429215201

Compatible with most car audio systems; connects your vehicle's speakers to an audio amplifier; oxygen-free copper material; 12-gauge wire

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Model: LP6-4     UPC: 609098816656

For use in most vehicles; load resistors for OEM systems; accepts high- and low-level input; 55W per channel power output; single stereo gain controls; single-harness design; wire-tie or screw mounting options

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Model: IBR-SW40     UPC: 086429215218

Compatible with most vehicles; connects your vehicle's speaker to an amplifier; 40' length

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Model: 82-6600     UPC: 086429029822

Compatible with 1995 - 2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles; mounts 5-1/4" or 6-1/2" speakers to door

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Model: 72-5602     UPC: 086429287192

Compatible with most Ford and Mazda vehicles built in 2010 or later; connects new speakers to existing factory connectors; allows retaining both midrange and tweeter speakers; both speakers can be wired individually or together; pair per pack

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