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Model: MSBL-09-R7     UPC: 094664042261

Dual SlideLock carabiners; cast aluminum body; stainless steel locking gates; neodymium magnets; 6-lb. magnetic holding power

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Model: KMT-01-R3     UPC: 094664030374

Box cutter, bottle opener, 3 sizes of wrenches, ruler, and flat-head screwdriver in one tool; key-size; easy-to-use design; TSA-friendly; stainless steel construction

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Model: KLKBF-11-R6     UPC: 094664037410

Locking carabiner clip body; 5 S-Biner MicroLocks for keys; stainless steel carabiner body; stainless steel wire gates; easy to attach and remove keys

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Model: BE11642     UPC: 790272982622

Submergible 8" search coil; all metal/disc/notch detection modes; adjustable sensitivity; low battery indicator; headphone jack; volume control; 3-tone audio discrimination

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Model: BE11922     UPC: 790272984077

Works In/Out of Water; Two Operating Modes; 8.5" Waterproof Search Coil; Sensitivity/Volume Controls; LCD Display for Metal Type/Depth; Works With/Without Headphones; Low Battery Indicator; Adjustable Stem / Padded Armrest; Includes Carrying Case

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Model: KRG2-11-R3     UPC: 094664042179

Stainless steel ring; 6 different-colored S-Biners; easy to attach and detach keys; color-based key identification

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Model: BE12746     UPC: 790272002559

Adjustable sensitivity; folding shovel; headphones, carrying case

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Model: BE12744     UPC: 790272002542

Vibrating pulse indicator; visual light indicator; built-in LED flashlight

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Model: LSBA4-03-R6     UPC: 094664041837

Holds, secures and connects almost everything, such as keys, water bottles, and gear; made of high-quality aluminum; dual independent stainless steel spring gates with slide-to-lock feature; lightweight but strong construction

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Model: BE12592     UPC: 790272001705

Submergible Search Coil; Adjustable Metal Discrimination; Adjustable Sensitivity; Low Battery Indicator; Adjustable Stem (up to 47 inches); Headphone Jack; Volume Control

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