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Model: 41862     UPC: 045557418625

Digimon is the unique, original Digital Monster from the online world and it needs you to help hatch, raise and train for the ultimate monster showdown, a battle between your Digimon and another. Link up with a friend’s Digimon for an epic battle with hundreds of potential combinations. Take care of your Digimon, feed it well and train thoroughly so you can become a master Digimon handler!

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Model: 61058     UPC: 771171610588

Baby Shark interactive toy smartphone; helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination; batteries included; suitable for children ages 3 and up

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Model: X4CUS19     UPC: 860002951300

AILA - Sit & Play Virtual Preschool Learning System. Start your child’s learning journey with AILA Sit & Play! Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) is a safe virtual preschool providing essential early learning. AILA adapts to your child’s unique learning style and grows with them.

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Model: 901-00012     UPC: 850001161107

Teach drawing, early physics and more; 3 game apps; includes dry erase markers, microfiber erase pouch, Osmo base for Apple iPad, Osmo creative board; suitable for children ages from 5 to 10

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Model: 10001354     UPC: 840173600313

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Model: DGB78     UPC: 887961186307

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Model: 80-499800     UPC: 3417764998004

Play and learn with virtual RockIt Pets

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Model: 10001073     UPC: 840147405036

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Model: 12071-00000     UPC: 855142007239

Bring your toys to life with Circuit Cubes, the electronic building blocks that add power, motion, and light to your creations.

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Model: 5059     UPC: 000772050593

Encourage good behavior with this wooden magnetic tracking-and-reward chart; includes a pair of fabric-hinged dry-erase boards and 89 magnets; sturdy cord attached for hanging; suitable for children aged 3 and older

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