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Model: ROI SONGMAKERKIT     UPC: 814773020628

Backlit buttons, battery level indicator, LED illumination, 5D Touch technology and customizable modular system; Ableton Live Lite, Equator Player, Tracktion Waveform 8, BLOCKS Dashboard and NOISE; MIDI; USB port

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Model: NIFTYBUNDLE     UPC: 840126905250

Most essential Euro rack synth components; moderately sized Euro rack case; built-in MIDI to CV conversion; dual VCO and dual LFO module; programmable CV touch pad

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Model: SYSMININOVA     UPC: 815301000136

From our expanded online assortment; UltraNova sound engine; 37-key controller keyboard; MIDI connectivity; 256 on-board sounds; 5 knobs; 8 animate buttons; on-board voice-tune effect; vocoder; layer up to 5 effects per voice; editing software

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Model: AXIOMAIRMINI     UPC: 724643114909

HyperControl®; Drum Pad Learn feature; mini-USB connection; octave/transpose buttons; pitch-bend, modulation and sustain performance buttons; transport and directional controls; 8 dynamic drum pads

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