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Model: NS-ANT314     UPC: 600603178979

Only @ Best Buy Compatible with most HDTVs; adjustable VHF loop antenna; fixed UHF loop antenna; 4' integrated coaxial cable

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Model: ANT1275F     UPC: 044476123917

Compatible with most HDTVs; receives UHF and VHF signals; plate design; indoor; up to 40-miles reception range

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Model: ANT5DB     UPC: 857067005505

Designed for use with Observer systems and SightHD cameras; 5dB gain; increases camera signal range

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Model: NS-ANT200HA     UPC: 600603230523

Compatible with most HDTVs with VHF and UHF bands; receive digital over-the-air TV broadcast reception; two-sided black-white design; 10' cable; double-sided tape; reception range up to 35 miles

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Model: C2MVJ-5     UPC: 817848011699

Compatible with most HDTVs; receives UHF and VHF signals; up to 60.3-mile reception range.; 8.7 dBi maximum gain; base stand and 20-inch J-Mount included

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$119.99 - $180.01
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Model: C4M-AC     UPC: 817848012092

Make your installation a breeze and split signals to three TVs with this ClearStream 4MAX Complete Amplified antenna. Receive signals 70+ miles away with long-range UHF and VHF reception. The Jolt USB 15 dB In-Line Amplifier provides a crisp, clear picture. Its durable build offers improved signal strength to withstand the elements for reliable outdoor use. Ideal for attic and roof installations.

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Model: BE-ANT200HA     UPC: 600603274152

With the Best Buy essentials BE-ANT200HA Thin Film Indoor HDTV Antenna, access free HD channels on your HDTV. A 35-mile range ensures strong VHF and UHF signal reception, while a 10-foot coaxial cable offers easy routing. A two-sided black-and-white design lets you choose what side blends in best. It’s ultra-thin and wall mountable.

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Model: PURE-70     UPC: 615798405496

Find the most free, over-the-air HDTV stations. The PureTV 70 outdoor HDTV antenna captures signals up to 70 miles away. The most compact, most powerful, best looking antenna design on the market with an integrated LTE filter to ensure the best reception even in the most populated urban environments.

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$149.99 - $223.01
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Model: BBXP60R     UPC: 615798405366

PURE TV 60 - Indoor Smart Amplified Antenna

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Model: TIAD6MV     UPC: 044476140730

Compatible with most HDTVs; supports 1080, 4K, and 8K Ultra HD; built-in amplifier; free Signal Finder app; reception range of up to 65 miles

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