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Model: 301-00199-01     UPC: 815820020134

Take your VR system anywhere you want

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$30 - $132.9
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Model: 301-00178-01     UPC: 815820020387

Improved optics; LCD display; ergonomic design; integrated audio; Oculus Touch controllers

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$375 - $806.9
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Model: 301-00064-01     UPC: 815820020097

Designed for use with Oculus Rift virtual reality headset; tracks movements; IR LEDs technology; compatible with PC; requires USB 2.0 or higher port; standard 1/4"-20 mount; works with most tripods

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$45 - $450
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Model: 99HANL00200     UPC: 821793051174

Brings real-world objects into your virtual world; creates wireless connection between your attached tools and VIVE system; can be mounted with 1/4" UNC threaded mount (standard tripod mount); comes with USB dongle

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$99.99 - $211.64
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Model: 99HANN01000     UPC: 821793051419

Official adapter for wireless play; easy setup; up to 2.5 hours of play time; free subscription for VIVEPORT included; free PCIe slot required for installation

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$210 - $314.99
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Model: 99HANW01500     UPC: 821793051150

Compatible with select Windows PCs; 110° field of view; hi-res headset; dual AMOLED display; 1440x1600 pixels per eye; 2880x1600 overall resolution; 90Hz refresh rate; 3D spatial audio; Chaperone technology

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$512.41 - $1699
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Model: ZA3C0003US     UPC: 192158415895

Standalone Daydream VR Headset; LCD display; 2560x1440 resolution; 75Hz refresh rate; Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR; dual 6 degrees of freedom tracking cameras

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$150 - $550
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Model: XE800ZBA-HC1US     UPC: 887276290652

AMOLED display; 2880x1600 resolution; 90 Hz refresh rate; 3.5" diagonal per eye; 110° field of view; Bluetooth motion controller controls; proximity sensor; 6-axis accelerometer and gyro; 3-axis compass; IPD sensor; volume control; HDMI and USB 3.0 interfaces

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$280 - $1150
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Model: 5QB37AA#ABA     UPC: 193808448041

Windows Mixed Reality tracking; LCD display; 4320 x 2160 resolution; 90Hz refresh rate; integrated audio; lightweight, compact design

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$496 - $639.99
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Model: 99H2049900     UPC: 821793051143

Compatible with HTC VIVE VR systemWirelessRechargeable batteryIncludes paddle, racket and VIVE tracker

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$13.45 - $176
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