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Virtual Reality for PC

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Model: ETVRCB     UPC: 816983017108

Universal compatibility; includes wireless bluetooth earbuds, bluetooth controller, and micro USB cable; built-in action button; form-fit cushion; dual adjustable focus; sliding cover; adjustable strap; plastic material

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Model: 301-00302-01     UPC: 815820020394

2160x1200 resolution; 90 Hz refresh rate; 3D capable; 110° field of view; HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces

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Model: 301-00311-01     UPC: 815820020417

A high-speed cable that allows you to connect your Oculus Quest headset to the gaming PC

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$79 - $79.99
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Model: 03G-P4-6162-KR     UPC: 843368043018

3GB GDDR5 memory; PCI Express 3.0 interface; DVI, HDMI and 3 DisplayPort outputs; 1607MHz clock speed; 192-bit memory; NVIDIA GameStream technology

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Model: 99HAMR00100     UPC: 821793050610

Easy-to-use size adjustment dial; hard-sided construction; integrated on-ear headphones

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$99.99 - $105.7
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Model: 99HANL00200     UPC: 821793051174

Brings real-world objects into your virtual world; creates wireless connection between your attached tools and VIVE system; can be mounted with 1/4" UNC threaded mount (standard tripod mount); comes with USB dongle

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Model: ZA3C0003US     UPC: 192158415895

Standalone Daydream VR Headset; LCD display; 2560x1440 resolution; 75Hz refresh rate; Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR; dual 6 degrees of freedom tracking cameras

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$178.99 - $866.42
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Model: NS-VRUCK7     UPC: 600603204494

Compatible with most VR goggles; liquid cleaning solution; microfiber cleaning cloth; lens cleaning pen; dust blower

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$19.99 - $42.82
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Model: 99HARL00000     UPC: 821793052034

2 wireless controllers; LCD display; 2880 x 1700 resolution; 90Hz refresh rate; VIVEPORT and Steam library access; portable design

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$648.49 - $699.99
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Model: 5QB37AA#ABA     UPC: 193808448041

Windows Mixed Reality tracking; LCD display; 4320 x 2160 resolution; 90Hz refresh rate; integrated audio; lightweight, compact design

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$639.99 - $902.95
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