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Model: VDOF7301WH     UPC: 800284022244

Electromechanical controls; 11 high-performance cooking modes; TruConvec convection cook; Vari-Speed Dual Flow convection system; Sabbath mode;10-pass broil element and 10-pass dual bake element

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Model: FFEW3025PS     UPC: 012505800047

Ready-Select digital controls; Even Baking technology; Vari-Broil system; hidden bake element

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Model: DOC30P977DS/DA     UPC: 887276427966

The multi functional Combi-Oven combines the power of a microwave, convection, and steam technology to enable searing, broiling and even air frying. A Wi-Fi enabled 7" LCD touch control panel and LED illuminated knobs provides convience and the abillity to use SmartThings integration for communication between appliances as well as remote monitoring and operation.

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Model: RVSOE330AB     UPC: 800284042372

Electronic controls; sabbath mode; convection bake; convection roast; convection broil; dual element bake; convection defrost; TruConvec convection; hidden bake element, 10-pass broil element and 6-pass bake element

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Model: ZET2FLSS     UPC: 084691821526

Electronic controls; thermal bake, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, true convection cooking system and proof mode cooking programs; 10-pass bake element, 10-pass dual broil element and true hidden bake element; steam-cleaning

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Model: KODE900HBS     UPC: 883049446165

Electronic glass touch digital control; Even-Heat true convection; Sabbath mode; broil element

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Model: TVDR4814GVC     UPC: 800284043584

4 burners; 8,500-20,500 BTUs of heat; defrost, convection bake, convection broil, True Convection cooking system, Proof mode and bake functions

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Model: PT7050BLTS     UPC: 084691823889

Touch sensitive controls; sabbath mode; thermal bake; auto recipe conversion; convection roast; convection broil; true convection cooking system; proof mode; hidden bake element, 10-pass bake element and 10-pass dual broil element; self-cleaning

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Model: SPO30PE/S/PH     UPC: 400064062844

Touch sensitive controls; combines microwave, convection, and broil technologies; Micro Bake and Micro Roast modes

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Model: NE63T8751SG     UPC: 887276409108

Flex Duo technology; fingerprint-resistant design; 5 elements; 1 triple element (6"/9"/12"), 1 dual element (6"/9"), 2 single elements (6"), warming center; Air Fry technology; convection technology; built-in storage drawer

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