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Model: 10028012     UPC: 813180020795

Eve Smart Water Controller; Aqua; Black/Silver Color; Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Siri

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Model: FGBHFS-001     UPC: 857934005355

Monitors leaks and temperature; motion sensor; compatible with Apple HomeKit; smart bracket grip; tamper protection

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Model: 223     UPC: 7090031102234

Quick results; automatic calibration; lightweight and portable design; 3 AAA batteries; up to 2 years of continuous operation

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Model: SS3-WATER     UPC: 815017029643

Leak detection; SMS alerts; battery powered; easy to install

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Model: GVD3     UPC: 785014017205

Connects to compatible iOS or Android devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Internet access; mounting without tools; automatically closes your water main in case of emergency

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Model: SS3-BBY-FREEZE     UPC: 815017029650

Freeze alarm of 41° F; upper temperature limit; battery pre-installed; simple installation

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Model: GP-U999SJVLCAA     UPC: 192969000020

Compatible with SmartThings hub; meets Zigbee 3.0 protocol; up to 130' range; provides smartphone alerts; triggers light or siren

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Model: ISB02WC     UPC: 047532913071

Dual leak probe feature; simple one-button setup; Wi-Fi connection; remote home monitoring; LED status indicator; buzzer notification; iPX4 rated

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Model: T5000SF     UPC: 813917021378

Communicates temperature to select compatible Nest thermostats; Bluetooth Low Energy; up to 50 feet away from thermostat; up to 2-year battery life

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