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APC - Back-UPS Gaming 1500VA - 10 Outlet/3-USB Battery Back-up and Surge Protector - White - Arctic White


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Model: BGM1500     UPC: 731304404224

Designed to power and protect gaming consoles and gaming computers

Backup Power for Gaming PCs and Consoles Power capacity of 1500VA / 900W provides battery power for devices during power outages
Compatible Battery Power for Sensitive Gaming PCs and Consoles Sine wave power on battery backup for your sensitive gaming gear
10 Outlets 10 Total outlets: 6 battery backup outlets, plus 4 additional outlets with surge protection only. 3 USB Charging Ports: 2 Type-A, and 1 Type-C (5V/3A shared)
LCD Display and Reactor Circle Interactive LCD display with reactor circle that ticks down counterclockwise when on battery power to indicate the amount of battery time left
Titled LCD Tilted LCD display allows you to easily view UPS information from many angles
LED Customization 12 customizable RBG LED colors so you can match the UPS to your gaming setup
Back LEDs Rear RBG LEDs illuminate outlets so you can easily view where to plug in devices
USB Ports Use the easy-access USB ports in the front to charge gaming accessories or mobile phone
Automatic Voltage Regulation Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) instantly corrects high/low voltage fluctuations without using the battery, and is Active PFC compatible
Dataline Protection Surge-protected 1 Gb dataline ports and gold-plated co-axial ports
Power Cord 6' Power Cord with space saving right-angle wall plug
User Conveniences Hot-swappable, User-Replaceable batteries, and circuit breaker on the back for easy recovery
Re-charge Time 14 hour battery recharge time
Warranty 3 year APC warranty and $150,000 lifetime connected equipment protection policy

Overall Customer Rating
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  • Includes: USB cable, User manual

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