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National Geographic - 50mm Refractor Telescope Deluxe Adventure Set

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Model: 80-30103     UPC: 812257014033

50mm aperture; 30x and 48x magnification; 600mm focal length; f/12 focal ratio; red dot viewfinder; 12.5mm and 20mm eyepieces; pan-tilt altazimuth mount; microscope; binocular; full-size tripod; multiple accessories included

Deluxe adventure set The versatile set provides the devices you need to explore everything from the terrestrial to the celestial. It features a telescope, microscope, and a pair of binoculars in one kit.
Pan-tilt altazimuth mount Allows the user to smoothly move the scope up, down, and side to side.
12.5mm and 20mm eyepieces Produce images with excellent definition and contrast.
30x and 48x magnification Perfect portal into the realm of deep sky observation.
600mm focal length and f/12 focal ratio Shorten exposure times for deep sky photography.
50mm aperture Allows you to reveal the Moon's cratered surface as well as intriguing planetary features such as Jupiter's Galilean moons or Saturn's rings.
Full-size tripod and red dot finder Help locate observing targets.
Carbon fiber optical tube wrap Creates a lightweight construction and ensures durability.
Microscope Provides inspiration to budding biologists.
100x to 900x magnification This device lets users study specimens in stages.
Under-the-stage illumination and color filter wheel Make it easier to see details in certain colorless or transparent specimens.
Start your investigations The set includes collection/prepping tools, prepared and blank slides, and other accessories.
Binocular Ideal for all kinds of take-and-go adventures and investigations of amazing species and sights.
30mm aperture Brings in a lot of light, so you can see more.
4x magnification Makes viewers feel close to the action.
Enclosed lanyard and carrying case Allow you to keep this binocular close at hand on nature walks, hikes, and adventures of all types.
Additional Accessories Included
  • Panhandle mount, full-size tripod, red dot finder, multiple tools for collecting and prepping specimens, prepared and blank slides, lanyard, carrying case, CR2032 battery
Optical Design
  • Refractor
Focal Length
  • 600.0 millimeters
Operation Manual Included
  • Yes
Objective Lens Diameter
  • 50.0 millimeters
Mount Type
  • Manual alt-azimuth
Color Category
  • Silver
Product Height
  • 9 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
  • 30 days
Magnification Type
  • Fixed
Battery Size
  • AA
Product Weight
  • 8.0 pounds
Telescope Class
  • Refractor
Model Number
  • 80-30103
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
  • 30 days
Electronic Red-Dot Projection Viewfinder
  • Yes
Tripod Mountable
  • Yes
Product Depth
  • 28 inches
Product Width
  • 6 inches
Eyepieces Included
  • 12.5mm and 20mm
Product Name
  • 50mm Refractor Telescope Deluxe Adventure Set
Battery Quantity
  • 2
  • National Geographic
Recommended Minimum Age
  • 10.0 years
Tripod Included
  • Yes
  • 48.0 times

Overall Customer Rating
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$63.99 - $79.99

2 offers

What’s included

  • 12.5mm and 20mm eyepieces
  • Full-size tripod, panhandle mount
  • Lanyard, carrying case
  • Microscope
  • Multiple tools for collecting and prepping specimens
  • National Geographic 50mm Refractor Telescope Deluxe Adventure Set
  • Owner's manual
  • Pair of binoculars
  • Prepared and blank slides
  • Red dot finder, CR2032 battery

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