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Pure Daily Care - Luma Light Therapy Mask


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Model: BBY-PDC-LUMA-MSK     UPC: 810016715153

Luma light therapy mask Light energy has been clinically proven to offer a myriad of beauty benefits from the anti-aging and collagen boosting benefits of red light therapy, the inflammation fighting energy of blue light therapy to the complexion brightening boost offered by green light energy.
Ergonomic shape Allows you to simply rest the mask comfortably on your face while it delivers light energy into your skin.
150 medical-grade LED diodes Produce seven specifically tuned wavelengths of light energy, offering unique benefits.
Purple light therapy (390nm) For lymphatic drainage.
Blue light therapy (415nm) For inflammation and calming skin.
Cyan light therapy (490nm) Reduces skin tension.
Green light therapy (525nm) Reduces hyper-pigmentation and brightens complexion.
Yellow light therapy (590nm) Reduces melanin production.
Red light therapy (630nm) Promotes collagen production and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
White light therapy (400-700nm) Accelerates active tissue metabolism, reduces fine lines and sagging skin.
Includes a convenient remote control So you can easily choose your LED therapy (color), pre-set your timer duration and choose your light intensity level.
Product Length
  • 10.5 inches
Color Category
  • White
Product Name
  • Luma Light Therapy Mask
  • Pure Daily Care
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
  • 1 year
Product Width
  • 8.9 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
  • 1 year
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What’s included

  • Pure Daily Care Luma Light Therapy Mask
  • USB power cable
  • Remote control
  • Nylon strap
  • Owner's manual

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