SlankIT Set to Revolutionize Electronics Shopping for Non-Tech Savvy Consumers

SlankIT is set to disrupt the online shopping ecosystem as a shopping guide, particularly designed to help non-tech savvy consumers make the smartest possible choice. The innovative online shopping resource is particularly designed for shoppers of electronics, providing them with up-to-date information on the latest products on the market in terms that can be easily understood. Consequently, the otherwise complex process of searching for the most suitable brands and manufacturers is simplified.

Technical jargon and specs can be confusing to the average electronics consumer. It's too hard for them to match what they need their electronics to do, with the excessive options and manufacturers available. With SlankIT, these are worries of the past,” said a spokesperson for SlankIT.

The tonnes of information and brochures on comparison sites and other such platforms, most of which are filled with jargon, have done little to help shoppers of electronics. Consequently, buyers end up wasting valuable money on products with features they never needed, whether it is a TV, Tablet, Laptop, Camera or Video game consoles. However, such buyers can heave a sigh of relief with the emergence of SlankIT, allowing them to make informed decisions, refer to friendly guides, compare prices and product features, and log out with just the electronics they came to purchase.

 “We are a fun and friendly brand that demystifies electronics, making it an interactive and enjoyable experience for the non tech-savvy consumer to feel empowered, smart & thrifty,” said the spokesperson.

The user-friendly platform was designed with the primary goal of making it fast and easy for non-tech savvy consumers to choose the most suitable electronics without having to break the bank. SlankIT has a smart guide that serves as a shopping assistant, showing shoppers around and revealing the electronics that match their needs, while comparing prices across multiple brands and retailers.

SlankIT basically translates the technical specifications into the needs of shoppers in a way that they can easily understand, ultimately empowering shoppers and making shopping for electronics more fun and interactive.