About Us


It's time to shop for your electronics the easy way.
Tired of struggling and navigating through thousands of electronics products out there?

Oh, what about the technical jargons just to buy electronics that best fit your need?

We believe in making online consumer electronics shopping easy, allowing you to make an informed buying decision, save time and money. That's why we created SlankIT, to provide you with a friendly guide, product and price comparison that empowers you to make better and informed choices. (Plus, it's free. Free feels good.)

It's time to shop for electronics the easy way. So, what are you waiting for? Go SlankIT!


Here at SlankIT, we know that who we are is defined by the values we live. What makes us tick?
These are the core Values that guide us every day

Our values C.I.R.C.L.E around providing great experiences for all consumer electronics shoppers

Cost: We help shoppers reduce cost by ensuring they are buying what really fits their need

Integrity: Operating with the strong moral conviction of providing the most comprehensive and complete experience in online shopping

Respect: Admiration of community we serve and its diverse population

Compassion: Sincere concern for the pain points of online consumer electronics shoppers

Learning: Always working to improve skills and knowledge through experience and study

Excellence: Making sure all that we do is done to the best of our ability